Magick of You Oracle Cards

Magick of You Oracle Cards


The Magick of You Oracle by Fiona Horne will guide you through life’s obstacles and clear a path for the soul in times of need. With a unique magickal ritual offered with every card, learn to tap into the unseen powers of the witch’s word and expand your sacred divinity through these 36 enchanting cards.

Each oracle card is a unique key that unlocks a door to your hidden truths and behind each door lies a message to light your way onto your life's next adventure, with peace of mind and an empowered sense of purpose.

Featuring the mesmerising artwork by Marcela Bolivar, this is a collaboration made in magick heaven. With Fiona’s written wisdom and Marcela’s evocative images, the Magick Of You Oracle pulls you deep into Witches Intuition and offers confirmation, clarity and clairvoyance to your journey through life and lessons.

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