Saints and Mystics Reading Cards is a unique oracle deck that pulls the reader in through time to discover secrets and teachings through some of the most revered spiritual leaders and healers from across the globe.

Fashioned in a mixture of elements where the ancient meets the modern, Saints and Mystics Reading Cards are displayed with crisp and visually detailed images that flesh out the mood, atmosphere and psychic energy of the selected figures featured throughout the deck.
From Mystics such as Nostradamus and Confucius, Isaac Newton and Marie Laveau, to the famous traditional and folk saints of history including St. Jude, Joan of Arc, St. Sebastian, St. Teresa of Avila and even Australia's own Mary MacKillop, each card reveals their personal story and sheds light into the ways we can connect to their great wisdom and eternal spirits on the emotional, spiritual and mental levels in our own lives.

A beautiful addition of oracle cards for deeper learning, intuitive readings and even to display and work with on your spiritual altars of worship, Saints and Mystics Reading Cards is big and bold in it's honesty, sincerity and power, just as our spirits are.

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